In addition to developing and sharing our clinical pipeline in allergy and autoimmune dieaseas, Worg intends to forge strategic partnership to co-develop innovative treatments beyond allergy immunotherapics and autoimmune disorders.


Worg is actively seeking license-in opportunities of late-stage or commercial assets for China right, and innovative early-stage projects with global rights. You can benefit from a deep collective knowledge of late-stage pharmaceutical development, as well as the market access to China and the abundant capital resource.


Worg owns the global rights of PCFiT and Apitope technologies and related programs. Worg expects business partners with strong capability in late-stage clinical development and commercialization to facilitate the earlier deliver of effective and safe therapies for the patients. Worg is also open for sharing its technology platforms through creative cooperation fashion with the win-win philosophy.

For PCFiT programs, Worg plans to partner or license out the territory rights of WP1048, WP1049 and WP1073 in Europe, USA and ROW with flexible cooperation. For Apitope programs, Worg will explore the regional or global rights for co-development of its advanced programs, with a current emphasis on WP1303 in multiple sclerosis.


To find out more partnering opportunities, please email to info@worgpharma.com


Worg has established strong connection with several academic institutes, e.g. the Medical University of Vienna.

Worg will pay continuous efforts on immunotherapy and fields beyond allergy and autoimmune dieases.