The concept of Peptide/Carrier Vaccines (PCFiT™) which is the basis of Worg’s AIT pipeline is a refined concept of allergy immunotherapy aiming at maximal efficiency and simultaneous reduction of (IgE- and T cell-mediated) therapy-related side effects of AIT. It is a precision medicine approach which builds on molecular allergology.

The strategy can be widely applied across the spectrum of allergens associated with disease. The vaccines are engineered to have both low IgE and low T cell reactivity. Recombinant peptides derived from allergen surfaces that exhibit reduced allergen specific IgE as well as T cell reactivity are developed by the PCFiT platform. These peptides when fused to non-allergenic carriers give rise to allergen-specific protective IgG responses with T cell help from immunogenic carrier element.

The selection of the allergen-specific part of the fusion proteins is performed by a multistep evaluation procedure.

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