> WP1048

WP1048 is indicated for grass pollen allergy which is the most prevalent allergy in moderate climate areas in Europe and North America.

WP1048 is composed of four PCFiT based recombinant antigens which have been designed to elicit IgG antibodies directing at four major grass pollen allergens Phl p 1, Phl p 2, Phl p 5 and Phl p 6. Selected epitopes from timothy grass allergens have been shown to be cross-reactive with other grass species.

WP1048 has undergone through four Phase I/II trials which have demonstrated preliminary evidence of clinical efficacy and safety.

Study CS-BM32-001 (NCT01350635, Phase I) evaluated whether WP1048 exhibits allergenic activity by skin prick and atopy patch tests to study participants.

Study CS-BM32-002 (NCT01445002, Phase IIa) evaluated safety and the dose response of immunotherapy against grass pollen allergy using WP1048 by skin prick testing, antibody response and pollen inhalation challenge.

Study CS-BM32-003 (NCT01538979, Phase IIb) evaluated the efficacy and safety of WP1048 in grass pollen allergic patients, which tested the hypothesis that either of two doses of WP1048 leads to a sustained relief from allergy symptoms over a two year study period.

Study CS-BM32-004 (NCT02643641, Phase IIb) investigated the levels of allergen specific IgG antibodies following 3, 4 or 5 subcutaneous injections before the grass pollen season and established 5 pre-seasonal injections as the optimal dosing schedule for clinical efficacy in the first pollen season following treatment.

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